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Registration and payment in just one procedure

As an event professional I believe that the biggest advantage in using online registrations for participatory activities is the possibility to combine the registration and payment process into just one procedure.

Combining the process of registration with the payment procedure is an incredible advantage both for the promoter and the participant: it guarantees the participant immediate confirmation and it guarantees the promoter that a new participant is correctly registered and confirmed. It works both ways.

Many promoters still rely on old and obsolete procedures and still force potential participants to download pdf forms, fill them by hand, scan/photograph and send them back. And after all participants still have to complete a payment via bank transfer or in cash or – if they are lucky – online through a payment gateway. And it’s not over yet, as participants have to inform promoters about the payment and will need to receive a confirmation.

There’s up to eight different and separated actions to accomplish before a registration is completed. Such scenario can only result in an unpleasant, complicated and boring experience. Moreover, when payments are processed outside the registration procedure there’s always the need to clarify the relationship between a payment and a previously submitted registration. Such context tends to scare participants and creates the conditions for them to postpone the decision to register as much as they can.

Registered® aims at simplifying such process: if you see an activity you like, just input your info, pay and you’re all set. Confirmations are automatically delivered via email both to the participant and the promoter in seconds. That’s simply beautiful, stress-free and inline with most common digital services around the world.