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A marketplace for Sports and Arts to boost activities

If you’re passionate about a Sports or Arts and you practice on a regular basis, finding and accessing related activities is not always as easy as buying a ticket for a concert. The market is very unorganized and fragmented. It’s almost impossible to see in a glance all activities available for a specific discipline and registration procedures might be obsolete and diverse. If you want to check upcoming concerts, you can rely on multiple ticketing platforms and complete a purchase in clicks.

However, if you’re passionate about dance (or any other participatory activity) it might take time before you can find the right activity and finally start a registration process. And after all it might turn out to be a complex mix of online and offline procedures.

Registered is a marketplace conceived to bring the industry of participation in Sports and Arts into the digital era.

It’s not only a tool for promoters to manage online registrations and payments, it’s also a channel to distribute activities. Registered® makes activities available on the market for immediate registration. In a few words Registered® simplifies the search/registration processes and offers immediate registration to participants. It reduces the time needed for participants and promoters to connect while providing a ticketing-like experience.

A wide knowledge base about Registered as a marketplace for Sports and Arts is available in the FAQ on Registered®.