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Custom settings

Business Info

Submit your business details, documents and payment info for us to guarantee secure online transactions and automatically transfer registration fees to your bank account.

Event Details

Set details for your event: dates, time, venue, location, description. Customise your event link and share it on social media to redirect potential participants to your registration and payment page.

Registration Forms

You can setup unlimited registration forms for your activity to match the number of available registration options, like age divisions, dance styles or categories by level of expertise.

Participant Details

Confirm the personal information you want to receive from individual dancers or members of a group or crew. You can also set a minimum and maximum number of members for a group or crew.

Age Requirements

Set specific age requirements for your dance activities. For example you can limit participation to a specific age in a competition or you can keep your activity open if no restrictions apply.

Price Options

Set a fixed price per person, offer different price tiers by date or create a discount code to promote participation! In case of groups or crews you can opt for a fixed group price or a total based on members.


Customise your welcome message in the notification email and share relevant information with  participants, like a link to additional documentation or a web address for a virtual event.

More options

The list of features available on Registered® grows every day. Allow dancers to choose a nickname, get them to accept your event rules or let participants add details of their affiliation to a Sport Federation.

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