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FAQ / Promoters

How does it work?

Registered is an event-based platform optimized for managing registrations and payments for participatory activities in the field of Sports, Arts and Leisure. Each Promoter can manage multiple events/activities and unlimited registration forms. Each Event has a landing page to access all available registration forms and proceed to immediate payment.

What type of activities can I manage on Registered®?

Registered® is designed to manage online registrations and payments to participatory activities in the field of sport, performing arts and leisure. Participatory activities can be described as opportunities for people to perform a specific discipline for learning, training, leisure or competition purposes. Such activities include for example classes, workshops, camps, championships, contests or tournaments.

What type of registrations can I manage?

Registered™ is a flexible platform designed for Sports, Performing Arts and Leisure. Depending on the nature of your your events and activities Registered allows you to offer several registration types, including Individual Registration (for a single individual), Group Registration (for groups registering together for the same activity) and Team Registration (for groups of people participating in an activity under the same identity).

Individual Registration
Group/Team Registration

How does the registration process work?

Each participant has to fill a custom registration form and complete a payment procedure by credit, debit or prepaid card. Standard contact information are mandatory for both the Registrant (the person executing the registration procedure online) and Participants (Individuals or Group/Team members). Each registration form can be fully customized thanks to a wide range of features designed for Sports, Performing Arts and Leisure.

Can I customize required information?

Sure! Beside standard contact information Registered allows Promoters to request more specific information that are useful for the registration process, including Tax ID, Affiliation to Associations/Federations and Nickname of Participants. Such fields appear in a registration form only when requested by Promoter.

Can I set participation criteria? Like Age or number of Participants?

Of course. In order to guarantee a proper registration procedure Registered allows Promoters to set key values in each registration forms, including opening/closing registration dates, participants’ accepted age and minimum/maximum number of members per each Group or Team registration.

Can I set registration fees either per person or per group?

Yes. For Individuals you just need to set an individual registration fee. However, when working with Groups or Teams you can choose between an Individual Fee (the system applies a fee per each member and the total to pay is the sum of all participants) or Group Fee (a fixed fee for the entire Group or Team that is not changing despite the number of members). Additional settings also include Price by Date (to set different prices depending on the period) and Discount Codes.

Is there any cost to use the service?

Registered is free for Promoters organizing paid activities (and it’s always free for free activities). A commission fee of 0,50€ + 2,5% on top of the registration fee is applied to participants at checkout for paid activities. Promoters can opt for paying such commission in place of Participants.

How do I manage communication with Participants?

On each successful registration notification emails are sent both to the Participant and the Promoter for confirmation. Promoters receive Participants’ contact information and viceversa. Registered also allows the Promoter to customize the welcome text sent to the Participant.

How do I monitor registrations and payments I receive?

Once you setup an account with Registered you will have the chance to monitor all your current activities from your dashboard. You can monitor your events and registration forms, check payments and registration received, request new events and forms or download lists of participants.

How can I promote my events on Registered®?

When we setup an event/activity for you we provide you with a custom link you can share on your emails, social pages, newsletter or website. The link is optimized for social sharing with a preview image and an introduction text.

What about Privacy?

Our data treatment is GDPR compliant. We collect information under a joint controller agreement that guarantees that Promoters are also in control of collected data.

Is Registered® safe?

It’s all about this. Payments are processed through our PSP partner Stripe using enforced KYC procedures and PSD2-compliant standards: we automatically route payments to the Promoter’s bank account and we don’t hold your registration fees.

Can I open an account as Promoter?

Registered is currently in beta testing and we only allow a limited number of Promoters to open an account, if you are interested please send an email to hello@registered.store

What do I need to open an account as Promoter?

Only legal entities from 12 European countries are entitled to open a Registered account at this time. The list includes Austria, Belgium, Danemark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom. Payments can be collected in 35 European countries in 6 different currencies (EUR / CHF / DKK / GBP / NOK / SEK). On registration you will be asked to provide your company information as well as documents of the owners.

How do I publish Events and Registration Forms?

We do it! Once your account is setup just provide us with your event details: we will setup events and registration forms for you. We keep the boring part of the job for us so you can focus on promotion.

Is Registered® a ticket seller?

No. We do not sell tickets for live events. Registered operates in the field of registrations to participatory activities and it is designed to manage registrations for learning activities (i.e. courses, classes, workshops, camps) and competitions (i.e. tournaments, contests, challenges, series).