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Participatory Activities, a hidden industry

Practicing a sport or performing an art is a common habit in our society. The European Commission states that 42% of EU people practice sport and 38% perform arts or creative disciplines (like dance, music, acting or photography).

People practice Sports or perform Arts through activities organized by companies, associations or professionals. The spectrum of opportunities ranges from learning activities (like courses, classes, camps, workshops) to training activities (like fitness or exercising programs) to competitions (like tournaments, championships or series).

The act of practicing, performing, exercising or playing is the key feature of those activities and creates a separation from common entertainment activities.

Indeed, when you attend a concert, show or sport event as a spectator your experience is focused on watching (and listening to) something. However, if you register to a course, workshop or tournament as a participant your experience is focused on practicing or performing something.

Such distinction is fundamental to understand the industry behind active participation in Sports and Arts, as opposed to live entertainment based on passive watching/listening.

At Registered® we use the definition of “participatory activities” to properly identify those opportunities in Sports or Arts for people to practice or perform specific disciplines.

Participatory activities, paid or free, represent the active side of entertainment and attract people globally. Such activities are not just an extension within the entertainment landscape but they do represent a completely different framework in terms of operations and business model. However this is still a hidden industry due to its extreme fragmentation.

We are committed to better define this industry segment through proper terminology, shared procedures and global tools for promotion, registration and payment. We want to give promoters and participants the right acknowledgement, while providing instruments to delete barriers and unleash the magic of practicing/playing sports or performing arts.