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Registered is easier (and cheaper) than your website

Making life easier for your participants can be expensive and complex. If you organize participatory activities in Sports, Arts and Creativity, you need to make extra efforts to offer a registration experience that is similar to other common digital services (like booking a hotel/flight or purchasing a ticket for a show or concert). You need to integrate different services (web/mobile pages, registration forms, payment gateways, notifications) and make them work as one. That is expensive, time consuming and exhausting. As a result most promoters end up choosing obsolete procedures just because technology is not friendly.

That’s where Registered® comes into play. Registered is a ready-to-go solution: all you have to do is to setup an account and you’re all set. It allows promoters to offer harmonized registration procedures for activities and covers most basic and advanced needs. You can immediately offer a digital registration experience to your participants, benefit from extra exposure on the platform and start receiving registrations and payments from participants in 35 countries.

We believe technology should be participant-friendly and promoter-friendly and should support participation in Sports, Arts and Creativity. If you are interested in using Registered® it you can request a free account to

without Registered®
Expensive, complex, time consuming
  • Build a website
  • Signup to a form-builder service
  • Setup a payment gateway account
  • Integrate all services together
  • Manually setup registration options
  • Go live and pay commissions on transactions
with Registered®
Free, simple, ready-to-go
  • Setup an account and go live for free