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Online registrations, an easier experience for participants

Promoters organizing participatory activities need to attract potential participants: taking advantage of the digital world – thanks to online registrations – is a necessary step.

The digital world is a key playground to attract new participants or confirm returning ones. In a world that is keen to purchase online, making it easier for activities to be found is a must. People can easily buy products and book services from their phones in clicks and tend to expect the same level of service across their entire life experience . Nowadays people feel stressed when a required action is inconvenient just because it’s obsolete or not digitally integrated. Such stress is a barrier between promoters and participants.

Registration to participatory activities is a perfect example of an easy procedure that turns out to be a complex task.

As opposed to buying concert tickets or booking flights, registration to participatory activities is still a complex procedure. First of all, no distribution channels exist for participatory activities. People who are passionate about a specific discipline still find it complex to search and compare activities. Secondly, procedures to access participatory activities are obsolete and disconnected. Usually people see an event advertised on social media, then they head to event website for registration, and in the end they have to switch to a different platform for payment  (or have to pay via bank transfer or cash). Multiple steps resulting in an unpleasant experience.

Registered® turns the access to participatory activities into a simple digital procedure. Registered blends the search and registration process into the same flow: if you see something you like you can instantly get it.